By Sandy Mangat, Ivanha Paz, Claire Seaver, and the Pocus Team 🔮

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If you’re a revenue leader or scrappy seller looking to…

Then, welcome to the world of Product-Led Sales (PLS)!

PLS is a go-to-market approach that relies on existing users of the product to drive revenue, including conversion, upsell, cross-sell, and expansion.

What you’ll learn

And more!

But, wait, why are we qualified to teach you all of this?

TL;DR: We’ve been building the PLS category with our 2.5K+ community and customers. This guide summarizes the insights we’ve all learned together over the last two years.


How to use this guide

If you’re a Product-Led Sales newbie (or need a refresher), we recommend you start from the beginning of this guide! If you’re already familiar with PLS, maybe running a few playbooks or defining PQLs, you might want to skip around to the topics that best fit your PLS maturity stage.

Here’s the breakdown

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What is Product-Led Sales?

Identifying where you land on the product-led spectrum

How business model impacts GTM strategy (bottom-up, top-down, hybrid)

PLS goals for product-led and sales-led companies

Getting exec buy-in and building internal support for your PLS motion

[Template] Exec proposal and GTM alignment for PLS

How to analyze usage data to create Product-Qualified Lead (PQL) definitions

   ✚ [[Bonus] PQAs vs. PQLs](<>)

How to set up your PLS playbook experiments

[Template] Playbook set-up

How to train and structure your team to launch PLS

Metrics to measure success, iterate, and scale PLS